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KeepassXC as the System Keyring


It is possible to use KeePassXC as the system keyring.

The following information requires at least KeePassXC 2.5.0 installed.


  • Stop gnome-keyring if it's installed.
    • pgrep -l gnome
    • pkill pid
  • Create a new group in the database that will hold the passwords used for the keyring
  • Tools > Settings > Secret Service Integration >
    • Enable KeepassXC Secret Service integration
  • Database > Database Settings > Secret Service Integration > Expose entries under this group:
    • Select the new group

Disable gnome-keyring

Create 3 .desktop files and place them in ~/.config/autostart:

Accessing Entries


There are different fields that are stored in the Advanced > Attributes section of each entry.

You can create your own key:value pairs for easier access and searching of specific entries.

Here's a couple examples:

Nextcloud Desktop

Title: Nextcloud Desktop
Username: username
Password: *******
Type: Password
Use: Saved password or login
server: Nextcloud
type: plaintext
user: username:


You can configure access to remote filesystems for browsing in Thunar.

  • The double // is not a typo.
  • The password field should contain the password for the ssh key.
Title: username@hostname//home/username/.ssh/key
Username: username
Password: ********
authtype: publickey
object: /home/username/.ssh/key
protocol: sftp
server: hostname
user: username
xdg:schema: org.gnome.keyring.NetworkPassword

keyring entries

Entries created with keyring have the following attributes

Title: Password for 'username' on 'service'
Username: username
Password: ********
application: Python keyring library
service: twitter
username: username


  • I would recommend creating (at minimum) the following attributes every time for each entry:
    secret-tool store --label='My Label' service <service> username <username>
  • This way, it will be available to python3-keyring as well.

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