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Dell r710

I bought the r710 to practice system administration on as well as to host different services for myself and my family to use. It has been a rewarding experience even though there have been times when I just wanted to get rid of it lol.


Qty Item Description
2 Intel L5640 2.27GHz - 6 Core - 60w - LGA1366 Processors
6 Samsung PC3L-10600R 16GB - DDR3 1333MHz ECC Memory (96GB Total)
4 SAS Drives 500GB 15k SAS Hard Drives - Raid 10
2 Samsung EVO 500GB SSD - Raid 1
2 Dell YT674 Intel PRO/1000 VT Quad Port Gigabit Ethernet
1 Dell iDRAC6 Enterprise iDRAC6 Enterprise Card
1 Dell h700 Raid Card Raid Card

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